What makes LASSO so different?


We live in an increasingly competitive landscape. With each passing day our customers hear more noise than ever. Paid ads, social media, email, and Slack. Not to mention texting, phone calls, meetings, commercials, and the occasional chat in the break room. With all of these incoming messages, your customers are overwhelmed with information.

It’s not possible to change the pace of communication in the modern age, so what can we do to cut through the noise? Increase ad spend? Create an expensive new website? Hire a guy to spin a sign at the intersection in front of our store?

The short answer to those ideas? No.

The right step is actually the hardest: create clarity in what you say, how it solves customer problems, and how to convert leads to sales.

People are drawn to what’s clear and repelled by things that don’t make sense. That’s why inferior companies with inferior products may steal customers from you.

Thankfully, creating the clarity your company needs is easier than you think. We help organizations create clarity in their go-to-market and sales. This way you have a clear plan to get more leads, and your sales team has clear messaging for a higher ROI.